The Cutting Room Floor

A ragtag selection of old tunes that never saw the light of day for good reason, but still they might not deserve vinyl, but I thought I would throw them out into all the other shit on the internet.

All are free to download from the Soundcloud playlist.


Flame – Soundcloud

This is a tune I always liked to play out live and went down really well but it was always a bit too latin for labels, and never quite did it as a recording. Oh well.


EPM – Beyond The Heliosphere – 2013


EPM Records

1 Intro (Sleep It Off) 6:00
2 Double Dawn 5:19 – YouTube
3 Rise & Fall 3:12
4 Betrayal Of Another 6:07
5 The Tracker 6:33
6 Beneath The Mine Chamber 4:29
7 A Hero Scene 5:26
8 Battle For The Tabernacle 5:37
9 Pipes At Helios Canyon 6:16
10 Lantern 3:03
11 Free Man 5:16

AI027 LP – When I Was Ten


A1 –FZV The Other Day 4:23
A2 –Dez Williams Process Of Elimination 7:53
B1 –Datassette Crawling Greens 6:47
B2 –Najem Sworb* Forte 6:57
B3 –The Third Man FGB 4:53
C1 –Pathic Tick Tock 7:15
C2 –Plant43 Leaves 6:00
D1 –EOC* Departure 6:29
D2 –Sinner DC Glass Alley (Object Object Mix) 5:11
D3 –Michael Manning My Fantasy 5:51

Ai022LP – Split EP – 2008


Ai022LP – Split EP – 2008

The Third Man – Circadian Rhythms
Najem Sworb – Rodstac
Plant43 – Warehouse Window
The Third Man Time And A Half
Najem Sworb – Padreduct
Plant43 – Hydrodynamic Escape